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Company profile: Cinzhou Travel Co., Ltd. SHINE ZUUCH TRAVEL LLC
Cinezi Travel means "traveling on a new boundary" in Mongolian. We will go to the Mongolian prairie of everyone in Japan. Please make your own 'Mongolian prairie journey' only. Cinezi Travel is a local specialized travel agency recognized by the Mongolian government. We offer a wide variety of travel products through Cinezi Travel website. NOMADIC BY NATURE: http // www.mongoru-ryoko.mnincludes Mongolia local tour, Japan flight tickets, flights from Mongolia, domestic flights, hotels, events, Japanese interpreters, shuttle buses, car rental trips to Mongolia We sell parts.
If you are traveling to Mongolia leave it to us! We are waiting at Ulaanbaatar.

"I would like to offer more quality plans and services that will satisfy more customers towards the Japanese market at a cheaper price. We agree with Ganzorig 's will to say that we have gathered experienced volunteers and are making new ambitions. 
From now on, we will strive to make an effort to all employees by doing everything possible to meet the expectations of everyone. We hope to deliver beautiful new side of Mongolia - side, completely new impression - page which we could not provide by Mongolian trip so far to everyone in Japan through our company. 
Up to this point, cinematic travel has earned the trust of our customers from the cinematic travel staff and guides who love the job of travel, had a clear goal in the travel industry, the guide, the drivers It is nothing but a mind. Residents of Mongolian head office have experience of studying abroad in Japan and understand Japanese culture, Japanese service spirit, and the feelings of Japanese customers well. I carefully think about how to be safe and satisfied, have fun, have lots of encounters, and think that I can make a memorable tour, and after consultation I pay close attention from planning to arranging. 
If you have any quotation about Mongolia, inquiries about schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
We will provide travel services as a wish for all staff to make your travel a treasure of life, Thank you for your visit to Cinz Chi Travel. We are waiting at Genghis Khan International Airport in Mongolia.


Directly operated tourist camp 

UNDERDOVE TOURIST CAMP / Undurdov tourist capm

Tourist camp in central province in Uhlaanbaatar south from 47 km 1 hour by car 
The prairie is beautiful, located in Bokdo National Park. Building of shower and flush toilet 
39 gels for 4 persons facilities such as restaurants, bars, saunas, billiards, meeting rooms, etc. Recommended Activities Day trips to Manzhuuri Heido Trekking, Tent Tour · Horse Riding · Camel Trekking

Burud Tourist Camp /

Desert Camp Burldo Tourist Camp / Erstanthasarhai 
In Ulaanbaatar there is a Tahilt Tourist camp in the beautiful natural Burud, Elstanthal High Desert where you can go southwest from the Ulaanbaatar southwest to less than 270 km, in less than 4 hours by car.Located 80 km from the ancient capital city of Mongolia, Karakoram, it is approximately an hour by car. Scenery which can enjoy the contrast of grassland and desert in the meaning of Elsentasalhai (sand enclave). It is also the point of this camp that you can lie down in the night desert and enjoy the full sky starry sky.

South Gobi County Jules Ching Gobi 01 Tourist Camp

This camp is located in South Gobi, 560 km from Ulaanbaatar and 30 km from South Gobi Airport. It is the nearest tourist camp from Dalarnadogado airfield, which is the best location for Southern Gobby sightseeing. 30 gels for 4 people 
Recommended Activities】 Camel Caravan 
Joriam Valley Picnic

Jules Cobi-02 tourist camp

South Gobi Hongoru Desert Jurcina Tourist Camp Ⅱ 
Hongoru sand dune is said to be the most extensive (total length 180 km, maximum width 15 km), is said to be the most beautiful, also known as squealing sand dunes. Julesign-Gobi-2 Tourist Camp is located 8 km from Hongol Sand Dune. 
【Recommended Activities】 Camel Caravans · Hongolu Desert Tour · Horse Riding
Local staff introduction

Magnany / MAGNAI /
Hello everyone. I am Magny, Mr. Cinezotravel 's Japan department. I grew up in a family of nomads and I came to Ulaanbaatar with a big dream in my traveling work since 1999. I love sightseeing work more than heart. I will have nine years since I started this work, but I am happy every day. My job now is from counseling to arranging, and we support customers as a back. I am doing this work for many years, but I am constantly encouraged by customers' appreciation words. Because of that, as I wait for the summer season and see the tourists in the town, my mind is moving.Although customer expectations and satisfaction feel are different, I think that it is the most important thing to satisfy each individual's expectation and to be satisfied as much as possible. I will do my best in the future with the bright and hard staff.
Ganzorig / GANZORIG / Thank you very much for seeing our website. 
When I was a child, my name is Ganzorig, who love to do traveling business from contact with foreigners visiting Gel. "I would like to offer more quality plans and services that will satisfy more customers towards the Japanese market at a cheaper price. We have the feeling that "experienced volunteers gather and am willing. I think that each employee thinks and works together, and I want to make such a cinema travel that I can work with joy and pride more than now. It is a great wishes to continue to deepen friendship between Japanese customers and Mongolian countries with further experience. We sincerely thank you for your patronage and fulfillment.

Nanzai / NANZAI /
I am a Nanzai who became a Japanese guide since I longed for the job of sightseeing, since I came to visit the country in the country with a visitor of a foreigner who came for sightseeing and watching a Japanese guide. I value and take pride in direct communication with customers and I am proud. We will continue to assist you in planning customized tour programs and helping you in every aspect of travel. The biggest characteristic of Cinz Zero Travel is "We thank you for everything, It was fun" We are pleased with this customer's word and are making daily efforts. And to offer you "Please follow me on the next trip" to provide "a really satisfying journey". Based on such a thing, it is to make tours and estimates with customers according to customer's request. If you have any questions about Mongolia please feel free to contact us. First of all, from consultation!

会社名 シネズーチトラベル/SHINE ZUUCH TRAVEL
所在地 24-A River stone, Uildverchin Street、Khan-uul District, Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia
代表取締役社長 ガンゾリグ  /Ganzorig Tserendorj MR/
日本部担当 マグナイ   /Bayarmagnai Batchuluun MR/
ナンザイ   /Nanzaddorj Baatar MR/
設立年月日 2005年02月23日 
資本金 150万米ドル
従業員数 冬:5名  夏:30名以上
事業内容 海外旅行手配、国内旅行手配、ホテル予約
 会社書証明書    会社書証明書/シネズーチトラベル社 
事務所電話番号 976-7000-0558 日本語可
緊急連絡先 976-9666-0558 日本語可
ファックス 976-7000-0558
日本語メール info@mongoru-ryoko.mn
無料スカイプ相談  Skype ID: shinezuuchtravel (毎日オンラインでサポート)
 フェイスブック  https://www.facebook.com/shinezuuchtravel/
ホームページ http://www.mongoru-ryoko.mn  日本語
http://www.nomadmongolia.com English




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