Mongolia's No. 1 exploration of the Khongor sand dunes and �� World Heritage Site Karakorum Burd Horseback Riding Trekking 8 Days

Mongolia's No.1 exploration of the Khongor sand dunes and World Heritage Site Karakorum Burd Horseback Riding Trekking 8 Days

South Gobi
When you think of the Gobi Desert, people who don't know it tend to think of a desert like the Sahara Desert, which has no grass, but there are various types of actual Mongolian Gobi. "South Gobi" is a Mongolian word meaning a land with sparse short grass, which is an image of a desert with no desolate vegetation, but in reality it is only 25% of the land area. Camel grazing is most common here. In addition, many fossils of dinosaurs have been excavated in this area, which will arouse the romance of ancient times. The Moltsog dunes, about 50km north of the South Gobi airfield, offer a panoramic view of the Gobi Desert image that tourists envision.


It is a place known all over the world for finding dinosaur eggs and fossils. For the first time, this area became known around the world by American Andres in the 1920s. Andres unearthed some dinosaur fossils and eggs from here, which are currently on display at the largest museum in the United States. It is also famous for the many rare things found in this area that prove that humans have lived there for millions of years. If you look carefully, you may find fossil fragments of dinosaurs.

There is a beautiful place called Yoliin am on Mt.Gurvan saikhan. Yolin Am means "Eagle valley" in Mongolian. Certainly, an eagle is flying over the valley, and you can understand this place's name. The altitude of the valley is as high as 2200m, and snow remains around here even in early summer. As expected, the valley is melted in midsummer but without snow, and it feels cool and comfortable. On a hot summer day, walking through the ice in the valley is interesting. There are also wild sheep and goats, wolves, gobi bears.

The Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia. Most of the desert is covered with pebbles and shrubs, but if you drive close to 200km from the South Gobi, you will suddenly see a large sand dune. .. The height of this sand dune, which continues like a mountain and looks up forever, is about 50 meters or more. It is a rare terrain with sandy meadows, grass and short trees, and small rivers. We often see camels trekking with tourists on board. This course is to enjoy the moving scenery in this large sand dune, which is said to be no1 in Mongolia. Of course, the ger where you can see the large sand dunes of the accommodation. Staying in the wilderness, with no man-made objects as far as the eye can see, makes you forget about your daily life. You can feel the nature of Mongolia by taking a leisurely stroll through the dunes and gazing at the starry sky at night.


There are many other attractions in Mongolia besides the prairie. Among them, the cultural landscape area called Orkhon Valley has many archaeological sites and historic sites, and the most famous is the Karakorum archaeological site. When the Mongolian and Turkic nomads who had lived in Mongolia for a long time founded the country, they chose the capital as the Orkhon River basin. Genghis Khan has also ordered the establishment of the capital of the Mongol Empire there. The city of Karakorum was built in 1235 by the order of Genghis Khan and is famous for being temporarily the center of the world. Erdenezuu, one of the world heritage sites in Mongolia, the ruins of Kharkhorin. Suddenly appearing in the prairie, the ruins are a group of temples with a long history in Mongolia, with a total of 108 high-impact white pagoda and outer walls left surrounding the Buddhist temple. The "Karakorum History Museum" was constructed by a joint project of the Mongolian Cabinet and JICA, and Japanese ODA, which is a short walk from the ruins.

BURD, ELSEN TASARKHAI                

Burd (Elsen Tasarkhai Desert), located 280 km west of the city of Ulaanbaatar, is the center of Mongolia. It is a wonderful place with a view of grasslands, rocky mountains, streams, lakes and ponds. Burd, with its rich Mongolian grasslands and a wide variety of flowers, is the gateway to tourism. Nomads have long worshiped Mount Khugnu Khan, located in the northern part of Burd, but now it is protected as a "protected area" and there are rare flora and fauna. The magnificent hills, which look like carpets, are a panoramic view of landscape paintings. It is also famous as a production area for Mongolian horses. On the way from Ulaanbaatar to Burd, there are plenty of photo opportunities such as the prairie overlooking the Tuul River, beautiful flower fields / sheep, cows, and herds of horses. The Burd campsite is also a base campsite for Kharkhorin, the capital of the former Mongol Empire.


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Day 1



Enjoy your flight trip. After arriving at Ulaanbaatar ,Mongolia a local English speaking staff will meet you. We will guide you to the hotel in the city

[Overnight at hotel]

Day 2



South Gobi

Morning: After breakfast, a local English speaking staff will meet you. Enjoy your domestic flight.
After arriving at night, visit the Yolin Am Valley and the Gobi Nature Museum.
Head to the highest sand dunes of Khongor, which is the highest in Mongolia. 220 km from South Gobi Airport, about 4-5 hours) After arriving, have a picnic in the Khongor dunes. Free time.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
" Overnight at gobi Tourist Ger Camp "

Day 3



South Gobi

Morning: Sightseeing in Khongor Sand Dunes. We'll also ride a camel. Among the many dunes in the Gobi Desert, the one with an extraordinary scale is the Khongor Great Sand Dunes, 220 km away from South Gobi. With a height of 800m and a width of 3.5km, this large sand dune boasts the highest height in Mongolia. Enjoy the inspiring desert scenery.

Afternoon: After lunch, drive to Bayanzag by private car. Visit the cliffs of Bayanzag where dinosaurs were found.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
" Overnight at gobi Tourist Ger Camp "

Day 4



South Gobi



Morning: From South Gobi to Ulaanbaatar by domestic flight. About 1.5 hours

After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, drive to the beautiful nature of Burd.
Enjoy lunch in the Mongolian steppes.

Afternoon: After arriving in Burd, visit a nomadic family and experience a homestay.
Horseback riding trekking about 2 hours.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
" Overnight at nomad family"

Day 5





Morning: Sightseeing at the Karakorum archaeological site, a World Heritage Site. (Erdenezuu temple, Turtle stone, Kharakhorum Museum)

Return to Prairie Burd. Experience camel riding in the Burd dunes on the way. To the tourist camp.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
" Overnight at Bayangobi Tourist Camp "

Day 6



All day: Horseback riding experience.
After receiving an explanation from the nomads, horseback riding with your beloved horse.
Depart for the grasslands. Enjoy the horseback riding experience.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
" Overnight at Bayangobi Tourist Camp "

Day 7




Morning: After arriving in Ulaanbaatar, begins city tour.Gandantegchinlen Temple, Zaisan Hill, Genghis Khan Square, Food Zaha <Market> Nomin Department Store) Evening: Enjoy Mongolian folk dance concert ..

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
[ Overnight at a hotel ]
Day 8


After breakfast, drive to Airport by private car. Departure.
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